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Related article: Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 14:38:05 -0700 (PDT) From: Mike Cox Subject: Caught With Her Vibrator Part III woke up the next morning quite sore from the sound fucking my wife gave me with her vibrator. She had caught me, if not in the act then the next best thing. I had the vibrator in my hand and lubricant on my ass. But what I thought was going to be a major argument with the possibility of my wife leaving me turned out to be a very intimate bonding as we discussed our fantasies and confirmed our love for each other.As I lay in bed thinking about the previous night my cock began to get stiff. Knowing my wife wasn't a morning person I decided I newstar child modeling would just get up and take a shower since I hadn't cleaned up the night before. I nn rusian model quietly got out of bed and walked across the room with my stiffy to the bathroom. I turned on sandra model lol the water and stepped in. I was in the process of washing my hair when my wife slid the shower door open and stepped in."I thought you might need some help cleaning up."I model child pics just smiled and said "I would love the company."Our shower has two shower heads so I turned on the second head for her. My back was to her and she moved in close to me and hugged me from behind."I love you." She said."Love you too baby" was my reply.We stood there for a minute and modelos preeten she lowered her hands to my still stiff cock."You always were a morning person""And you never were" was my reply.She started stroking me but even though I was hard I knew that her touch wouldn't give me that feeling this morning. I tried to get into the moment but it just wasn't happening. I turned around and started kissing her and moving my hands over her body. I started thinking about the previous night and it kept my cock hard. She propped her log up on the shower stall and guided my cock into her and I easily slid in. Even though water was flowing over our bodies her pussy models thong gernam teen model was so wet she had plenty of lubrication replacing that being washed away. She was obviously very excited. She was moaning and started to play with her clit with one hand as she steadied herself with her other. She quickly came and I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock. I stopped fucking her and just held my cock inside her as her orgasm waned. My cock soon started to soften even though I didn't cum. We held each other for a few minutes as my cock slid out of her."Are you alright" she asked."Great, why?""Well, you didn't cum."I didn't say anything for a minute and then I just told her that it was hard to cum standing up and the angle wasn't the best for me. She accepted my excuse and told me she would make it up to me later.Of course I had heard that before."I know you will" I said.She looked up at me with a different look than I was used to. "I WILL" she said in a rather authoritative voice. The way she said it made my cock jump. Although she didn't see this happen she felt it tap her belly. She just smiled and gave me another kiss.We helped each other wash up and then we both got out of the shower and got dressed. She told me she had some errands to run and asked what plans I had. I told her I was just angel model going to hang out at the house until she got back and I would take her out for dinner later."Sounds great. Just don't go beating off to porn because I might have plans for you later""Awww man!" I kidded.As soon as she left I went straight for the computer. I was so excited to read nymph model more stories about hands free orgasms. I didn't want to resort to reading straight gay stories but I knew I needed to look into some of the more kinky stuff. I stumbled across stories on domination and when I did I recalled how my cock jumped and my belly floated when my wife had stated in a stern, firm voice that she would make it up to me later.As I scanned the stories one caught my eye. It was about a man who nn rusian model house sits for his neighbor and she comes home early to catch him wearing her underwear. Not only that but he has used her handcuffs and has bound himself to her bed. She is quite upset with him but she is also turned on at the same time. Since she is into bondage and S&M, she takes advantage of his predicament. He begs for forgiveness and to be let go but she refuses and insists he be punished. She gets one of her male friends to come over and together they use him bukake petite model in every way possible. By the end of the story I am beside myself with excitement. My cock is begging for attention but I remember what my wife said and I resist the temptation. Knowing that if I continue reading I will lose control I decide to clean up the house a bit.I notice that my wife has been doing laundry so I decide to start putting it away. In the process I find that I have my hands on some of her panties. My cock begins to grow and I decide to see what it feels like to wear panties. I pick out the most feminine, a lavender pair with a frilly lace waistband. Before I can even put them on my cock is at full attention. Again the excitement is extreme. I decide to wear them as I continue putting up the rest of the laundry. The whole time I can feel the silky smoothness of the satin rubbing across my cock shaft and the contrasting feeling of the lace on my cock head.The teenie swimsuit models sound of the garage door presents me with a decision. Shed the panties or put on a pair of pants over them. Since a large portion of blood is in my cock, my brain decides on the more risky path and I slip on a pair of shorts over "my" panties.I meet my wife in the kitchen and she has a few bags with her. "What did you buy?" I ask."Oh, just a few things I'll show to you later."As dinner time approaches we decided on a restaurant and head out. Wearing panties has kept my level of sexual excitement slightly elevated the entire day. My wife has never been one for public displays of affection but on this night she appeared to be more into it. She couldn't keep from touching me the whole night, she even rubbed my crotch through my pants while we were sitting in the restaurant. Needless to say I stayed excited throughout the night.It should be noted that my wife has never been into kinky sex. To her, kinky is having sex in the back of a car or outdoors. It is more about where you do it rather than how you do it. Anal play was never an option with her and because I knew of her past aversion to it, the previous night's activities had excited me more than normal. Threesomes were NEVER an option and I know this because I had broached the subject on multiple occasions with no positive feedback from her. She had told me about her college days and that she did some kinky things back then but I wasn't convinced and she didn't share details. With that said, my wife was about to shock me.When we got home top model porn she was all over me. She led me by the hand to our bedroom and started to undress me. She started with my shirt and when it was off I remembered my little secret. I was wearing her panties. Her attention had kept me at such a heightened state of excitement that I wasn't paying attention to the predicament I now found myself. She reached for the button fly on my jeans and I had just enough sense to try to deflect her actions. She looked me deep in the eyes and her gaze held hannah heavenly model my own."Just relax and let me do Lingerie glamor models the work because I know you are going to enjoy this."I was trapped with no obvious way to break this off for enough time to remove my lavender lace panties. As I was thinking about what to do she started working on my pants again and quickly had them unbuttoned and the zipper down. When she reached into my pants to grab my cock I saw a look of surprise on young modeling her face and she immediately looked down at my crotch. I looked too and I saw the head of my cock sticking out above the lace of the panties. Caught again!"What have we here?"I was quite for a minute and the silence was unbearable. She never took her eyes off of me. I had to say something before this all went to hell."I'm sorry. I didn't think that you would find out I had these on. I really didn't think anything would happen tonight. ""Still, what...why are you wearing these?" she said as she pulled on the lace waistband."I was just doing laundry and they felt good in my hands so I thought...""You thought they would feel good on your cock?" she finished."Well..yeah""And do they?" I hesitated in my response and she continued, "I guess that is a dumb question because you are still wearing them so you must like them."She pulled my pants down and I stepped out of them. She just looked at me. I was embarrassed and upset but my cock was still rock hard. She stood there for a minute taking a good look at me and then she started to undress. When she was down to her bra and panties she took me by the hand and we embraced. She kissed me hard and passionately. She had me lay down on our bed and then she finished stripping off the remainder of her clothes.My wife a little bit overweight but she still looks good to me. Even though I have had these kinky fantasies she still turns me Lingerie glamor models on, especially when she takes control. It was apparent on this night she was going to take control.She climbed on top of me in the bed and began to kiss my body. She sucked hard on my nipples and they immediately were hard. She stroked me ls model pics through the panties by rubbing her fingernails along the shaft of my cock. She worked her way down my belly and finally to my cock. She began to kiss and nibble my cock and then took it in her hand."This cock just doesn't look right in these panties." She made this comment as she continued stroking my cock. "I am not sure exactly what it is but something just isn't exactly right."I didn't really listen to her words that closely because kiddie model portal in addition to stroking me she was fondling my balls through the fabric of the panties. I was so close to cumming. She stopped what she was doing and raised her head up. She looked down young modeling at me."I know what it is," She stated simply. "There is too much hair. Let's go take care of that."Still holding my cock in her hand she led me to the bathroom. Without a word she grabbed my electric razor and using the trimmer she began taking the hair off of my body. She started around my crotch but as she finished there she said that all the hair needed to go. As she finished removing as much hair as she could with the trimmer she decided that more work needed to be done. She started the bath and handed me a razor and shaving cream and told me to finish the job. When I asked what she meant she said she wanted me to take all the hair off from my waist down."Are you serious?" I questioned."If you are going to wear my panties then you model galeries need to cut off that hair so you don't ruin them. Hair and lingerie just don't go together. Get to work and when you are done come back to nymph model the bed."With that she left me in the bathroom. I contemplated my next course of action and thought 'what the hell' and I began shaving. As I started removing the hair I began to get extremely excited. My cock was at full erection and my heart was pounding in my chest. I didn't know what was going to happen when I returned to the bedroom but I was having an erotic moment alone with a razor. When I was done I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that I looked too funny with hair still on my belly and chest so I took the initiative and removed that hair too. When I was done I noticed that my wife had left "my" panties on the counter. I put them on and looked at myself again. My cock was sticking out of the waistband so I pushed it to the side and the panties just barely concealed my erection. I opened the door and couldn't believe what I was seeing.There she was, standing in high heels and black lingerie which included a long flowing black satin housecoat. That wasn't the most shocking part of her outfit though because sticking out from her crotch was a substantial looking "cock." My eyes immediately focused on the strap on dildo and she grabbed it with her right hand and shook it."I know what you want and I am going to give it to you."My cock jerked hard and popped out of my panties. She saw my reaction and smiled at me. She told me to get on the bed and lay down. I did as I was told and she followed me to the bed. She looked down at me as she stood by the bed and I waited for what was next. I looked over her outfit and now I knew what she meant when she told me she would show me what she bought while shopping. She looked as sexy as tiny models forum I could ever recall. She radiated confidence and power and I wanted her to dominate me.She reached out and grabbed my head. She pulled me to her and kissed me hard. My wife who rarely likes to kiss with tongue was sticking hers in my mouth and I was eagerly sucking on it. When our kiss finally broke she looked into my eyes and looked right through me. She pushed my head down towards her "cock" and she moved her hips forward to press it against my lips."Suck it. You have always wanted me to go tgp models blog down on you well now it's your turn. Suck my cock."Instead of protesting I did as she said. I opened my mouth. I thought that she would push it into my mouth but model galeries she waited for me. It was obvious she wanted to humiliate me by making me do the work. I looked up at her and she stared down at me with seemingly no expression at all on her face.I grabbed the cock in my hands and took it into my mouth."Suck it like you mean it. Show me what you would like me to do to your cock."Without hesitation I did what she asked. Using my hands and mouth I was giving her what I thought would be a good blowjob. I took as much into my mouth as I could but it was barely more than half the length of her equipment."Come on, you can do better than that." She chided. "Take more of it."As she was saying this she grabbed my head and started pushing her hips forward as I took the dildo into my mouth. It was not comfortable when she did this and actually hurt as well as made me gag."That's enough. Obviously you need to practice. Lie down on your back and spread those legs."When I was spread out for her she inspected my body. She commented that I had done a pretty good job on my crotch and legs and that she was happy to see the hair from my belly and models sex boys chest was gone too. She also stated she wanted to see the hair removed from the rest of my body, in particular around my ass and my underarms. I couldn't believe what I was hearing but I did not protest. After her inspection she climbed onto the bed with me and positioned herself on her knees and between my legs."Are you ready for this?"I couldn't respond. I was so surprised and shocked and now with the opportunity to experience the kinky sex I longed for right here for the taking I hesitated."Well? You have got to want it for this to go farther. Tell me what you want me to do." She said as she waved her cock with her hand.She handed me a bottle of lubricant and b29 model airplane just looked at me. She was waiting for me to make the next move. She leaned down and kissed me. When teenie swimsuit models she broke the kiss she whispered in my ear."Tell me you want to be fucked. Tell me now or this stops and I never make the offer again."I grabbed her nymph model and hugged her close. "I love you baby. Please fuck me. I want you right now." I whispered back.She pulled herself up and looked down at me. She smiled and told me to use a lot of lubricant because she kiddie model portal was going to give me a real good fuck.I squeezed out a generous amount of lubricant and completely covered her dildo and then used another generous amount on my ass. I even tried to lubricate the inside of my ass with a finger or two.When I was done she placed the dildo girls underwear models against my sphincter opening and started to push. I had read a few stories about anal sex and knew that the best thing for me to do was to push out like I was trying to use the bathroom. Even though I did this the pressure was extremely uncomfortable and since she was in control model child pics I couldn't take the time to ease that dildo into me. It was larger than her vibrator and was shaped more like a cock. She pushed in until probably half of it was in me. She only stopped because I am sure she saw the pain on my face. Even though it hurt like hell I didn't want her to stop. I was still on the quest for the "hands free" orgasm.As she started a slow rhythm of fucking my ass I almost made her stop. I am not sure she would have anyway but in my mind I was afraid that if I asked her to she would and would never do this again.Instead I just laid there and took it like a man. After a few moments the worst of the pain and most of the pressure I felt eased up. The mixture of pleasure and pain had decidedly shifted from pain dominated to pleasure dominated. I actually started to moan and encourage her to keep fucking me.In response to my encouragement she started going deeper into my ass with her dildo. A models porno amateur few times she pushed deep enough to make me yell out in pain. But instead of stopping she picked up the pace.She would occasionally hit my prostate and I would feel something similar to the desire to go pee. I was sure that if she could continue to hit it in rhythm that I would soon cum. She didn't realize what she was doing so instead of reaching an orgasm I just became more and more frustrated as she would hit the spot only on occasion. I thought about telling her what to do but didn't want to take the chance she would stop. I could talk to her later about anatomy. Instead I just decided to enjoy the festivities.She seemed to be enjoying herself and I wondered if it was because nonnude children models she liked what she was doing or if she just wanted to hurt me, at least a little bit. Knowing I wasn't going to get the orgasm I wanted I began to stroke myself. I looked up at her and she didn't seem to mind my playing with myself so I continued as she picked up her pace. Her stamina surprised me as I watched her move her hips. She was sweating from the effort and beads of her sweat from her brow infrequently dropped onto my hairless belly. The sight of her bouncing breasts, the intensity of her effort, the feel of her dildo in my ass, and my stroking of my cock soon had streams of cum arcing across my hairless body.It was only after I came that she stopped moving her hips. She didn't remove the dildo from my ass as she took in the scene of her cock/dildo buried in my ass and my cum spread all over my body."Looks like you enjoyed yourself." She stated matter-of-factly.I didn't say anything other than give a soft moaning sound. As I closed my eyes to relax and think about what just happened she slowly removed the dildo from my ass. I could feel each inch withdraw as a void was created inside my bowels. Even as I enjoyed the feeling of her gentle withdrawal I couldn't help model child pics but be a little apprehensive at the same time. I knew I enjoyed what just happened and wanted it to happen again but I wasn't sure she would want to put out the effort again. The emptiness I felt could not be ignored and I knew I had to tell her about my feelings. I was scared at what she might think but at the same time I was equally afraid not to say anything because there was no way I could be happy if this was a one-time event."Well, tell me. Is this what you want? Is this what you have been fantasizing about?"
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